Ride On Electric Car Kids CL908 Leather Seat Eva Tire 2 Seater

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Color: Red

Features of the CL-908 2-seat  12V 10A 4Motors off-road electric vehicle for kids

 The electric JEEP series  is powerful, the chassis is made of high-quality tested plastic. The CL-908 baby electric car is extremely durable and has a bunker design.

 One of the strongest and most impact-resistant designs in today's models. This child's off-road vehicle has anti-slip wheels and shock absorption mode for better transport.

 Accordingly, the CL-908 has a spacious seating area and a design of 2 large seats. Along with that is a very beautiful and bright LED temple system that can be used in poorly lit spaces.

 The ability to operate the engine is quite strong up to 4 engines, the 12V10AH large tank helps the car to play for a long time.
- The operating functions of the car are also extremely modern: The steering wheel system fits the baby's steering wheel with the music switch.
Supports pre-programmed sounds with age-appropriate songs; Or parents can play music according to their kids's preferences thanks to the USB connection system, MP3, memory card .....
- With 2 modes of using Kid's cars and controlled by remote controlled by adults.
  • As a super terrible off-road children's electric car with a high chassis, 4 extremely large wheels (more than 40cm in diameter), the CL908 is very tall, strong, and personality, perfectly suitable for boys or girls. active
  • Genuine imported CBU, has passed quality inspection with 100% high-quality plastic + sturdy steel frame to make the car beautiful (no unpleasant smell), durable over time and withstand loads up to 60kg
  • Designed in the form of 2 wide seats with 2 separate 3-wheel seat belts. Suitable for families with 2 children (under 8 years old)
  • CL908 is one of the strongest off-road models today, running 4 big engines, 12V10AH batteries (the biggest battery compared to children's electric cars), with shock absorbers to help the car operate more smoothly.
  • Designed in the form of 2 horizontal doors that are convenient for babies to step up and down, stylish hollow doors
  • Fully integrated functions: horn, lights, music, forward and reverse gears, control (adult controls when small children), accelerator pedal (for older children to walk on their own), 2 separate adjustable seat belts You can adjust the short length of the cord to suit your baby's age, USB port for your baby to listen to their favorite songs, forward and backward mode in place for little ones to play and eat in the car, a place for a water bottle /milk, light on/off switch, spacious storage compartment, charger

Electric pedal controlled and 2.4G remote controlled

*With music and light function

*With USB socket

*With bluetooth function

*With LED light

*2 Seat

*Four wheel suspension

*4 motors

*Battery: 12V10A

*Max Load : 60KG

*Colors : Red , Yellow , White

*Product size:137*90.5*95CM

Box Size:130*58*78CM


Speed between: 8-12KM/HR

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