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Color: Orange
  1. Rear drive 1000W high-speed motor: Maximum speed up to 45km/h, high-speed brushless geared hub motor helps you pass on rough terrain without hindrance, and provide enough power for your daily commute.
  2. POWER ASSISTED RIDING UP TO 50KM 48V16ah power supply 18650 lithium battery pack, completely hidden inside the frame, waterproof and dustproof, double protection, strong output, always stable. Pure electric can reach 20KM and auxiliary riding can reach 50KM, providing sufficient power output for riding and free riding.
  3. EXPERIENCE NEW RIDING FUN: Built-in 5-level power assist mode, this mode can be adjusted by the button of the instrument, output from low power mode to high power mode, and intelligently detect each step. Depth sensing pedal strength and rotation speed, helping to ride more comfortably.
  4. DETECT DRIVING DATA WITH 5 INCH SMART LCD METER : Derak X3 device intelligent LCD instrument, brand new interactive interface, LCD display, integrated gear switch, bicycle data view, power output setting, clear at a glance, ip54 waterproof and dustproof quality is reliable
  5. HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE DUAL PISTON POWERFUL BRAKING, SENSITIVE BRAKING : Dual hydraulic disc brake, CNC anode integrated mold, the brake feel and stability are greatly improved, hydraulic brake lever, integrated hydraulic cylinder, achieve zero cylinder explosion rate, and far exceed In addition to the safety of the front and rear wheels, the rear disc






Customer Reviews

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Pharell Sainvillier
Amazing !

Bought my bike when it have a 32 percent discount which make it worth 3,400 AED instead of 5000 aed ! This bike is going extremely fast which was exactly what I was searching for. I was able to travel to the whole Dubai emirate (Deira to Dubai marina) in one hour 30 (last time I did it in a casual bike, it took me 3 hours 30 minutes and a LOT of pauses). This bike is however pretty heavy and always need to be charged such as most electric bikes. I had a problem with my wheel that I fixed myself but other that I got 0 problems, and 3500 aed is the perfect price for this type of bike, the best price by far in Dubai for a 1000 watts bike.

The only notable problem is that the battery isn’t removable which is kinda problematic for persons who live in an apartment such as me, but again except that this bike is perfect

Ah Alq
Nice bike comparing the price little bead happy and noswishet of the power

Nice bike comparing the price little bead happy and noswishet of the power the bike is nice thinks

Murat Kazaz
good bike but without removable battery

Overall it is good bike but need some enhancement. Front fork is very weak and makes noise all the time when I cross over a bump. Also battery is not removable so charging is a serious issue in an apartment.