Ride On Electric Buggy NEL-903 4X4 Kids 2 Seater EVA Tyre Leather Seat Blue

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More interesting when having a children's electric car Nel 903
Your child is loving the Nel 903 children's electric car, but you don't know if this product is really good? Don't worry, some of the following information will help you better understand this special off-road supercar.

Some information about children's electric car Nel 903

General introduction of the product
Children's electric car Nel 903 is in the segment of large off-road vehicles exclusively for children. The car is designed in a strong and aggressive style, making a deep impression on the little ones.

This is considered a super car with a payload of up to 50kg - the largest and heaviest car in the same segment ever since. The car is extremely suitable for families with two young children so that the children can play together.

Kid's electric car NEL - 903 is a kid's electric car with two wide seats for 2 kids and a load of up to 50kg. kid's electric car NEl 903 owns 4 wheels made of high-quality high-rise design that can be suitable for all types of terrain, including bumpy or uneven.
Children's electric car NEL - 903 owns a 12v / 10 AH battery that is extremely durable when used compared to other electric cars.

This Big toys 2.4G Bluetooth Remote Controller Slow Speed Up & Down Four Wheel With Suspension LED Lights, Retractable Portable Pull Rod, Protective Rail Design, Delicate Dashboard

Guarding Rail Design Anti Skid, Anti Friction
The NEL-903 Model Prevents Baby Falling, Driver is safer Two Side Safety rails Design, Protection is safer

2.4 GHz. Remote control
The Product come with Parental remote control mode, you can control this car to enjoy the happiness of being together with your baby.

Two Seats With Optional Leather Seat
Two Seats With safety Belts, High-end version with leather seat, high grade and comfortable

Swing Suspension System
Fashion four-wheel Drive Spring suspension SUV Car, suitable for all kinds of pavement

Double Opening Door Design
Convenient for baby getting on and off elegant and beautiful appearance

One button start up
One button start up absolute light switches that mediate advance retreat and swings It’s

Easy for multi-functional dashboard to control the car

LED Emulation Big Lights
Unique faddish big lights design are elegant magnificent lights make the car have higher level, higher degree identification , more unique personality.
The car is fully equipped with the basic functions of a real car such as horns and lights at the front and rear of the car.


Panel with FM radio, possibility of BLUETOOTH connection.

On the panel, we turn on / off the lights, adjust the speed of the vehicle, and operate the sounds.

It has an input for USB, AUX and an input for charging the terminal.

Also on the panel there is a battery charge indicator and buttons for operating external devices that can be connected to the panel.

motor: 4 pieces x 25W
12V 10 Ah battery
3 driving speeds from the remote control
Braking system with the remote control with further travel lock by the pilot controlling the vehicle
rear and front shock absorbers



Easy Raidable On All Indoor And Outdoor Ground Like Grass, Brick, Asphalt , Off-Road .

Size : 135 x 89 x 98 CM
Weight : 27 KG
Age of use : 3 - 8 Years Old

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