Ride On Cars For Kids NEL-900 Jeep White - Derakbikes

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Ride on cars for kids jeep Description :

Ride on cars for kids a new off-road version of DerakBikes , Model NEL-900 is a modern model that integrates many advanced features but has a relatively cheap price compared to current off-road models.

In terms of design: the car is attractive with a cool and unique design typical of off-road vehicles, 4 large, solidly designed wheels, with springs to allow the car to move smoothly through many types of terrain.

+ Vehicle performance: the car integrates up to 4 motors, so it runs very well, along with a 12V battery, it provides plenty of time for your child to play and drive.

+ 2 doors open personality, also convenient for the baby to move in and out of the car. Attractive glossy paint color with 3 colors red, white and blue.

+ The seat of the NEL900 ride on cars for kids is quite spacious, especially the soft leather seat for the baby to ride comfortably, with a safety belt to fix the baby driving.

+ The car also integrates a super beautiful LED light system, especially when traveling at night.

+ The control panel system also has an entertainment function with accompanying music, volume control buttons, ports for connecting to music such as MP3, USB... to connect to external music playback devices. .

+ There are 2 modes to control the ride on cars for kids : parents use Remote to control the car remotely, or the child can drive the car by himself.