Go Kart XMX619 Electric 24V Drift Kids

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Color: RED
Provide fun, fast speeds in an extra safe ride with a kart with traction and a high max mph. Give your little one the fun of a horn to let them make noise and get excited. Let them play music at the touch of a button to let the good times roll. Kids will develop hand-eye coordination while driving this simple-to-operate vehicle.

Go Kart Electric
24V Motor4845 12.5 km Drifting Car for Kids with Remote Control, Music, Horn Honking, Outdoor Ride On
- High-Speed: This design reaches fast speeds to give kids what they really want when driving, the wind in their hair. Our 24V go-kart offers drift like a real car. A maximum of 12.5 km is more than twice as fast as most types of ride-on cars.
- Safety Design: This super-speed kart toy offers an extra safe ride with wide high-traction wheels to protect your child. The five-point seatbelt keeps your little one secure while teaching that "wear a seatbelt" is a universal rule.

- Inside Experience: The wheel features a button to sound a horn, giving kids the power of noise to make their play more enjoyable. This also adds safety by allowing them to get the attention of any other kids playing in front of the car. With a music button, kids can enjoy a dance party and a vehicle in one.
- Child Driven or Remote Control: Little riders can control the car directly inside the driver's seat, or you can direct the toy using the remote control to increase engagement with your child. When you take them on walks around the block, using the remote can keep them safe. The controller offers three speeds, while manual operation offers two.
COLOR :                              White / Red
   PRODUCE SIZE :                   133 x 83 x73cm   

     WEIGHT :                               27.5 - 28.5kg   
   BATTERY :                                24V7AH*1  
     MOTOR :                               4845 - 4000   
       AGE :                               5 - 12 Years Old
    MAX USER WEIGHT  :                       50kg     
 Adjustable Pedals, Self-Driving Mode, Anti-Collision Radar, Bluetooth Subwoofer, 2 Drift Modes, High-Back Seat, Run-Flat Tires, LED Light Decoration .   
- 24V and a max speed of 12.5 km
- EVA wheels for improved traction on unforgiving terrain
- Horn and music buttons for loud and clear audio
- Power indicator to monitor how much power is remaining in the battery
- Remote control for parental operation
- Two-speed setting (manual) or three-speed setting (remote control)
- Five-point safety belt and tail light     

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