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Electric Ride On Buggy YSA-032 is clearly one of the very big calibers among children's electric vehicles. Equipped with a 24V on-board system and a powerful 400W drive, it can easily master rough terrain and, with its interior width of a whopping 66cm, offers enough space for 2 children. Driving times of up to 2 hours are therefore possible and offer never-ending driving fun. The equipment leaves practically nothing to be desired, because the SPECIAL EDITION offered here also completely covers demanding requirements.

Children electric car with leather seat YSA-032

Children electric car with leather seat and 400W YSA032


Leather Seat
  • 2 Leather Seats One of the Biggest Ride On Car on the Market ** This kid's buggy has a great looking design for two-person (1 TO 4 Years old ) or 1 Driver at the time 8-10 years old! Seating area complete with adjustable play seat belts.

EVA Wheels


  • Solid rubber noise reduction EVA Tyres
  • Official licensed 360 beach buggy
  • here is a soft start function, full working suspension and EVA smooth drive tyres that all come together for a great driving adventure.

Amazing Dashboard


4 Wheel suspention
4 wheel drive system
  • 4 explosion-proof wheels with spring suspension for long-time use
  • Forward & reverse shifter and steering wheel for kids to operate easily

SOFT-START: Most Electric Ride On Buggy vehicles produce a strong jerk when starting - not so with this model, because an additional built-in module ensures a soft start and thus increases the driving experience enormously. As soon as the child takes their foot off the gas pedal, the vehicle brakes independently.

DRIVE: 2 pieces 24V/200Watt motors with 18000rpm each are installed. These are powered by a 24V/7Ah battery, which means that driving times of up to 2 hours are possible. The child can choose between 2 gears on the shift lever - slow and fast. The first gear enables a speed of up to approx. 5 km/h and the second up to approx. 10 km/h.

MULTIMEDIA:On the dashboard is the multimedia panel. Simply plug in a USB stick with an MP3 and the child can play music or radio plays continuously. Functions such as volume adjustment or skipping tracks forwards and backwards are of course integrated. The integrated Bluetooth module is even more modern, so you can connect your smartphone directly to the vehicle and transfer audio files.

REMOTE CONTROL: Your child is still unsure and you would rather control the vehicle yourself? No problem! The scope of delivery includes a remote control with which you can drive forwards/backwards/right/left. It is also equipped with an emergency stop button for dangerous situations.

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS:Both doors Electric Ride On Buggy can be opened, making it easy to get in and out. The seat is equipped with two seat belts. The seats can be moved individually, making it suitable for little ones from the age of 3 and up as well as for big children up to the age of 10. The interior width of a whopping 66cm allows 2 children to sit comfortably. The vehicle is sprung on the front and rear axles and the suspension comfort can be adjusted individually. The vehicle is illuminated by LEDs at the front and rear.

XXL terrain buggy YSA-032 two-seater electric car for children

Two-seater electric car for children off-road vehicle YSA032


 Electric Ride On Buggy

  • XXL children's electric car to drive independently
  • Model: YSA-032 SE1
  • Two-seater with an interior width of 66cm!
  • 2 padded leather seat with belts
  • Seats 3-way adjustable
  • 2 motors with 200W each
  • Power-Akku: 24V/7Ah
  • Multimedia mit MP3, Klinke, USB, Bluetooth
  • Soft start function for smooth start
  • 2/3 speeds up to approx. 10 km/h
  • With remote control for adults
  • soft and silent EVA tires
  • Headlights / taillights with LED
  • Sound effects: engine noise, melodies and horn
  • Driving time: up to approx. 2 hours
  • 24V charger included
  • suitable for 2 children from 3-6 years, or 1 child up to 10 years
  • Loadable up to 60kg
  • Vehicle dimensions: L/W/H approx. 130x92x76cm
  • Weight: about 33kg
  • new item in original packaging


Electric car for children off-road YSA-032 XXL 24V 400W

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